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trigger, the fire throws

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trigger, the fire throws: musique interprétée par chris heenan (clarinette contrebasse et saxophone basse), matthias müller (trombone), et nils ostendorf (trompette). enregistré par nils ostendorf, mixé par alexis baskind et nils ostendorf, mastering alexis baskind. album distribué par insubordinations.

« the fire throws is a stunning poetic soundscape by the berlin-based wind trio trigger, composed of chris heenan on contrabass clarinet, matthias müller on trombone, and nils ostendorf on trumpet. the instrumentation recalls the classic big band front line, but this group takes that tradition and turns it inside out and backwards. this is bold, courageous music—the musicians are free from the conventional parameters assigned to their instruments, and they’re completely unfettered by any notions of what music is or is not.

each of the eight pieces is a unique aural landscape, a captivating swath of energy and sound. the traditional elements of harmony and rhythm and melody do not appear here; rather, this music is about atmosphere and texture. through the use of multiphonics, circular breathing, and a variety of innovative techniques, the group creates long extensions of sound; these lengthy mechanical drones are punctuated by alien, mysterious noises, but there is also the sound of human breath, as well as the wood and metal of the instruments. the three musicians create an astounding range and depth of sounds, and they also display a sensitive understanding of space and silence, plus a beautiful sense of pacing and dynamics… »

florence wetzel, all about jazz