havard wiik trio - this is not a waltz

cover art by per teljer

havard wiik trio – this is not a waltz

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jazz album with:

håvard wiik, piano
ole morten vågan, bass
håkon mjåset johansen, drums

recorded by pavel bohaty at sono records, prague, march 14, 2016. mixed by alexis baskind. mastered by jonas kullhammar. published by moserobie records.



1. calligrams
2. neidbau
3. tudor style
4. bought & muzzled
5. ceci n’est pas une valse
6. tear conveyor
7. pneumatiques
8. mnemonic functions

“definitely not a waltz – if you know the music of pianist havard wilk at all – and instead, the kind of cascading sounds we’ve really come to love from his music on the piano – a unique touch on the keys that’s made wilk one of the most distinct musicians we’ve heard in years! as with other recent efforts, the style here unlocks bold new territory in the familiar piano trio setting – music that’s as distinct to havard’s scene as the inventions of herbie nichols and elmo hope were to theirs – and, like both of those modern jazz giants, wilk’s got a way of stating himself strongly, but without ever overstating his case – leaving our ears completely enraptured with the way he spins out new ideas on the keys, but without ever seeming to have a sense of ego. his partners in the proceedings here are equally great – ole morten vagen on bass and hakon mjaset johansen on drums – a beautifully-unified trio of visionaries – and titles include “tear conveyor”, “tudor style”, “neidbau”, “calligrams”, “mnemonic functions”, and “pneumatiques”.”

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