hook line sinker fishy business


photo by elsie vermeer

hook, line and sinker – fishy business

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album of improvised music with:

tristan honsinger: cello, voice
antonio borghini: double bass
axel dörner: trumpet
tobias delius: tenor saxophone, clarinet



1. of giants and fleas / ahoy (7:06)
2. in search of yellow (4:28)
3. captains and streams (4:27)
4. goose grease (6:28)
5. mockery (3:15)
6. ambivalent square (1:48)
7. mouldy (9:15)
8. grasshoppers on their way home (2:54)
9. unjustifiably so (9:05)

total time (48:53)


1, 3, 5 & 7 composed by t. honsinger

rest by honsinger, a. borghini (siae), a. dörner (gema) & t. delius (buma/stemra)

recorded in berlin, may 22nd & june 30th 2018

recorded, mixed and mastered by alexis baskind

executive producer: kevin reilly

a relative pitch record


“the quartet hook, line and sinker has original, expressive and unique sound. it’s filled with inspiring solos, modern, vivid and original expressions, inventive decisions, innovative instrumental section and driving sessions. all four musicians are great improvisers. they’re the central figures of world-wide avant-garde jazz scene and also make an influence to other improvisers. the musicians are improvising and collaborating with other jazz stars. free improvisation, spontaneous solos, stunning sound experiments, inventive decisions, passionate, inspiring and expressive playing style are the basics of their music. musicians gently fit together, corresponding to each other’s playing and manage to succesfully create evocative and unique sound.

fishy business is totally based on the main basics of avant-garde jazz, traditions of european and american avant-garde jazz, the newest innovations of experimental jazz and free spontaneous improvisations. the music is influenzed by some modern and mainstream jazz styles, such as bebop, hardbop or fusion. all four musicians are improvising just fantastic – they have wide musical knownledge, expressive and driving playing manner, inspiring sound and impressive playing technique. (…) the music is organic, bright, vibrant, touching and suggestive. all four musicians are improvising just great – their free improvisations have remarkable, bright, passionate and unique sound.”

avant scena – contemporary music blog