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rope – open ends

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live recording of the band rope:

frank paul schubert – soprano saxophone
uwe oberg – piano
paul rodgers – double bass
mark sanders – drums, percussions




“rope – open ends”: track-list

1. first movement (36:43)
2. second movement (35:12)


music by – frank paul schubert, mark sanders, paul rogers, uwe oberg

recorded by – reiner schönfeld
mixed and mastered by – alexis baskind
producer – frank paul schubert

graphic design – jana weitz


a trouble in the east release


” “rope” is a jazz quartet based on four featured jazz masters – frank paul schubert (soprano saxophone), uwe oberg (piano), paul rogers (7-string double bass) and mark sanders (drums, percussion). a new, bright and exciting conception of avant-garde jazz is created – it’s based on extended playing techniques, brave, ambitious or simply crazy musical decisions, contrasting pieces, sudden jumps from the one mood to another, eclectic stylistic combos and modern expressions. the music is fullfilled with surprises, passionate solos, driving riffs or deep solemn contemplations. all four musicians are demonstrating a masterful collaboration – they’re sensibly reacting to each other’s playing, don’t hesitate to make original and evocative decisions, burst in furious riffs or splendid passages or dive in astonishing sonoristic experiments.

(…)extravagant bebop, nervous complicated post bop, aggressive hard bop accompagnied by stable beat are leading to blooming culminations and sparkling free improvisations. the music of this album is inspiring and charming – “rope” manages to create an astonishing, expressive and evocative sound.

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