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arbre nuage – contemporary music for erhu

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in arbre nuage, six composers explore the ehru, an instrument which is not well known in the western world (but very famous in the far east) through the exceptional personality of the young and very sensitive erhu player wang ying-chieh.

this project around the creation of a contemporary repertoire for the erhu (a two-stringed string instrument also called chinese violin), initiated since 2010 by the tpmc association, makes a sonic connection between new chinese and taiwanese repertoire and contemporary exploration in the far west.
this international project is the result of a rich collaboration in all cultural aspects: creation, pedagogy, forum, seminars, conferences, meetings, etc., resulting in commissions from young composers.
the guest instruments, the accordion, piano and the guitar further deepen the link through creation.



ying-chieh wang: erhu
fanny vicens: accordion
jennifer hymer: piano
christelle séry: guitar


1. le discours d’une larme perdue 淚之語 (2012) leilei tian 田蕾蕾 (1971-)
for guitar & erhu 10’28

2. ruins 古墟 (2017) wei-chieh lin 林煒傑 (1982-)
for erhu and two performers 15’33

3. le train de la vie iii – we 浮生III (2012) lin-ni liao 廖琳妮 (1977-)
for erhu and electronics 11’59

4. aide-mémoire c 備忘錄 c (2017) heng chen 陳珩 (1990-)
for erhu, accordion and piano 13’52

5. aquelarres 神秘的聚會 (2012) juan camilo hernandez sanchez (1982-)
for erhu and accordion 10’21

6. fold-in 折疊 (2017) christian eloy (1945-)
for erhu and electronics 8’10


artistic direction : liao lin-ni
recording : forum music 十方樂集 (taipei, taiwan – 2. & 6.) by monica gill giraldo
& comédie nation (paris, france – 1. 4. 5.) by sylvain thévenard
mixing and mastering: alexis baskind
notes : lauren sadey – translations : john tyler tuttle
photos, editorial line & graphic design : 
catherine peillon

l’empreinte digitale 2017 dist. socadisc