alexis baskind

alexis baskind is a musician, sound engineer and computer music designer. he first learned sound recording with benoit fabre at the aubervilliers/la-courneuve school of music, and followed at the same time scientific and technical studies. he joined the ircam in 1999, and there he pursued researches on room acoustics. obtaining a phd in 2003, he has been working since then on music creation, theatre and dance projects, for numerous structures including ircam, the conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de paris, the campagnie des musiques à ouïr and the centre international de recherche musicale. among others, he worked with composers philippe leroux, beat furrer, hanspeter kyburz, héctor parra, pedro amaral, françois paris, philippe hurel, vladimir tarnopolsky, alexandros markéas, fabián panisello, turgut erçetin, rebecca saunders, as well as with the theatre director jean-françois peyret, in music, theatre and dance projects melting live electronics and traditional instruments. he works regularly on artistical and technical projects requiring the development of specific solutions for sound processing, sound design, and interfacing with gesture and visual analysis systems. he is former professor in theory and practice of sound engineering in the hochschule der populären künste fh (berlin) and lecturer at the hochschule für musik detmold, and is been also regularly giving courses in sound engineering and computer music in music schools, universities and training institutes for music production.

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