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BasTa! duo featuring:

Caroline Tallone: vielle à roue électroacoustique, objets
Alexis Baskind: électronique live

BasTa! is not drone. BasTa! is not hurdy-gurdy. BasTa! is not electronic music. BasTa! is not unplugged. BasTa! is not fancy. BasTa! is not a capella. BasTa! is not a game. BasTa! is not a revolutionary social movement. BasTa! is not a non-profit organization. BasTa! is not Pasta. BasTa! is not slow-food. BasTa! is not RGNTDJÛ. BasTa! is not genug. BasTa! is not das Ende. BasTa! is not an insult. BasTa! is not Bastelei. BasTa! is a Mischling.

traed (2023)

un film par elin kanstinger.

music composée par BasTa!

1. wind, 2022 (00:25-03:37)

2. traed, 2015 (03:50-05:38)

3. running knete, 2015 (05:40-05:45)

4. Krähe, 2019 (05:46-05:52)

5. Blatt, 2021 (05:53-07:36)

6. Tropfenbild, 2013 (07:36-08:22)

7. Sand, 2021 (08:22-08:32)

8. Fischer, 2023 (08:38-10:03)

9. Kraken, 2021 (10:07-10:22)


Nine short films combined into one. The stop-motion animated shorts were made between 2013 and 2023 by Elin Kanstinger. The title “traed” comes from the Swedish word “träd” which means tree.

The music was composed, performed and produced by the BasTa! Duo (Caroline Tallone: electroacoustic hardy-gurdy and Alexis Baskind: electronics and double bass).

The music creates bridges between the individual films.

This project has been supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Community.