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grid mesh – live in madrid

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grid mesh – live in madrid: interprété par frank paul schubert (saxophone alto & soprano), johannes bauer (trombone), andreas willers (guitare électrique, objets) et willi kellers (batterie). enregistré au festival hurta cordel, la casa encendida, madrid (02/17/2011). mixage et mastering par alexis baskind.

„the musicians collaborate in the expansion of extraordinary concepts through their understanding of contemporary jazz language. the result is an astonishing, consummate and resonant contour of modern-day, musical inventiveness and despite the individual, highly accomplished technical skills of the artists, it is also a master-class in ensemble playing.“ ken cheetham

« live in madrid » is essential to listen to, one of the best expressions of the german jazz improvisation (like the eponymous 2007 album, and the more acoustic « coordinates » in 2010).“ ettore garzia

„no player dominates the interplay on live in madrid, and the word « tapestry » comes to mind again to describe the result, which made a strong impression on me. this is a live free improvising session that takes in an enormous amount of territory, yet retains an almost eerie coherence. if anything qualifies for the label « postmodern fugue » (if that’s a good thing), then this is it.“ todd mccomb‘s jazz thoughts