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transpan est un moteur de mixage binaural et transaural résultant d’une collaboration avec l’équipe “espaces acoustiques et cognitifs” de l’ircam et le conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de paris, visant à:

  • palier les défauts du standard multicanal 5.1 en termes de stabilité et précision de la restitution spatiale des images latérales
  • permettre une restitution 3d sur un système 1d (stéréophonie 2 canaux) ou 2d (5.1)
  • offrir simultanément une restitution en 3d-Audio pour le casque (selon des techniques binaurales)

one of the main goals of this project is to allow a technology which has been known for a long time, the so-called “crosstalk-cancellation” (also known as “transaural processing”) over binaural signals, first to reach the required level of quality and fineness for professional production applications, and second to allow it to be used with traditional panning and miking techniques. this was achieved through the use of high-resolution binaural filters, the development of a specific equalization method, and through a precise control of the phase responses.

this work has been presented in several international conferences (sfa, aes, semaine du son, tonmeistertagung, icsa) and has been used in many music productions. it is closely related to the bipan project, which is also developed in collaboration with the conservatoire de paris. a part of the research and development was achieved as part of the bili project (“binaural listening”)

selection of published recordings produced with transpan

  • le balcon, symphonie fantastique: the famous symphony by hector berlioz rearranged by arthur lavendier for chamber orchester, performed by le balcon, produced by le balcon & b media, presented by alpha classic (2016) (transaural and binaural version)
  • marie ythier, le geste augmenté, for cello solo & electronics (evidence classics, 2015) (transaural and binaural version)
  • luis naon, sainte nitouche, la muse en circuit, label alamuse, distribution distrart musique
  • claudio monteverdi, vespro della beata vergine, dir. sir john eliot gardiner, dvd/ blu-ray, 3 audio tracks: 5.1, 2.0 transaural, 2.0 binaural, edited by alpha 705 (2014)
  • philippe hurel, traits, including a virtual surround version of plein-jeu for accordion and electronics, edited by motus (2015)
  • turgut erçetin, im keller (4 versions: two different perspectives, each of them for loudspeaker and for headphones), in the cd panopticon specularities