painting : joel grip

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limited edition lp + digital edition


tristan honsinger : cello, voice
izumi ose : toy piano, voice
franziska hoffmann : violin, voice
tobias delius : saxophone, clarinet, voice
axel dörner : trumpet
hiroki mano : tap dance, voice
klaus kürvers : bass
antonio borghini : bass, voice
steve heather : drums, voice


recorded by alexis baskind at kühlspot, berlin . february 12-13 2020
mixing and mastering : alexis baskind
cover painting : joel grip
still photos from the film “proud cloud” by mauricio hernandez.
produced by topsi series for umlaut records.

“hopscotch” is a berlin based company and represents tristan honsinger’s latest effort in a lifetime search for unity between music, theatre and poetry. this gatefold vinyl contains a collection of songs and compositions invented through the years as musical material for hopscotch’s performances and plays, along with improvisations and dialogues.

tristan honsinger’s hopscotch​ tracklist

side A

a1 mother’s song suite 8:59
a2 stupidity march 2:59
a3 family suite 6:28
a4 potatoes 2:39

side B

b1 father’s song suite 8:42
b2 mockery suite 6:17
b3 10 inch screw suite 4:59
b4 electromagnetismo 2:02

all compositions by tristan honsinger.